Sarah wanted to compete after seeing her boyfriend on stage here's what she experiened,

" I came to Matt around 12 weeks ago looking for help and advice on how to start competing. Something I had personally wanted to do for a long time but felt I was to shy to do so and had no idea how to go about it. Matt provided me with a well structured 12 week diet and training plan, along with weekly check in and alterations if needed. The plan helped me lose weight, body fat and gain lean muscle mass. At the end if the 12 weeks not only was I in the best physical shape of my life but when it came to show day he helped me gain so much confidence in myself and I walked away with a greater appreciation for the body building industry (and also 5th place and an invite to compete in the finals). i would highly recommend Matt for any personal structure diet or training or both as they worked fantastic for me. I know I will definitely go back to him again for future competitions"


Jack approached me in the gym inquiring about a nutrition plan, after a discussion Jack decided to go ahead with a 8 week nutrition plan, here's what he had to say:

'At the start of my plan i was 162lbs , with weekly check-ins where i contacted Matt with my weight and measurements and he adjusted my macros to suit.

All my meal combinations i found great, if i didn't like any of the foods Matt altered to foods i did like but were also within reason tall throughout the 8 weeks, my calories either stayed the same or dropped  and i found i still had lots of energy and strength. I now weight 146lbs thats a loss of 16lbs or just over 1 stone.

I feel i have a better understanding of how to structure my macros together now for either weight gain or weight loss'.


Dean come to me wanting to compete at Bodypower 2018 here's what he had to say about the comp prep package..


'Ive known Matt for a number of years, from various gyms, i attended his  classes so i know that he was very approachable, and secondly he's had great success in competing himself, and winning the category that i wanted to compete in, so i thought who better than someone who has been there and done it.

 The 12 week plan was very well structured, easy to follow with regular alterations if and when needed to keep me on track.

Matt was always on the end of the phone, email to give encouragement and motivation when things got tough.

Following Matt's plan helped me get down to single digit bodyfat and shredded.

With Matt's advice i was able to achieve my ambition and step on stage in a mens physique competition at the biggest fitness expo in the UK 'BodyPower' and had a fantastic time and was in the best shape of my life'


Brad approaced me wanting to compete in in a show, heres what he has to say;

"I had a dream of competing for a few years now after being told by a few people i would do well, however i had no idea how to go about this.

I approached Matt on his background in competing with a view on him training me and was given straight forward and excellent advice on which federation and category i should enter. After setting a date to step on stage, i signed up on the 12 week Comp Prep plan.

Matt was fantastic throughout my entire journey no detail was left unchecked, from tailored training and nutrition plans updated weekly to posing practice, it was the hardest experience in my life but Matt was there with me every step of the way.


I got down to 8% bodyfat and not only did i achieve my dream to step on stage, i also was rewarded with 2nd place and an invite to the final!"

Bradley Cotton


Emily came to me wanting an 8 week tailored nutrition plan heres what she had to say;

"I came to Matt because i wanted to lower my bodyfat % for my upcoming holiday, when i started i was 61kg.

I've alwyas struggled to lose weight fast and workout what my macros should be, Matt made everything simple for me and was so easy to follow, it was hard at the beginning but with Matts support i didnt give in.

My strength increased even though i was eating less calories, i was lifting more than i ever have, going from a 60g Deadlift to a 100kg, i lost one dress size and lost 17% bodyfat in total.

I can't thank Matt enough for how much he helped me in my training and nutrition.

I felt confident for the first time going on holiday and being able to wear a bikini."

Emily Walters

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